Who are we ?

LAP is a French small company whose expertise lies in technical textiles. We are located in Lyon, a city renowned for its history with textile: from silk-weaving tradition to advanced new textiles.

France is the second European technical textiles manufacturer, behind Germany and before Italia. Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes area are home to 80% of the French technical textiles manufacturers (TUT).

Most of these companies are small to mid-sized companies and they have developed a unique know-how in their sector. These companies' technical skills and inventiveness are well-known within their core market. Yet, most of them find it hard to expand their customer base.

Technical textiles for industrial end-use present huge opportunities. But it  is also difficult to identify customer needs and bring it all together into a market. Technical textiles manufacturers are very often organized to look for new markets abroad.

This is the role that proposes LAP- to connect suppliers in technical textiles solutions with specific users. Create plans and value in connecting two firms... Our aim must be seen as a real partnership with an objective of result. Developing times are mostly long and today time is precious. That's why LAP commits oneself to propose serious projects to suppliers and talented suppliers to its customers.

Try us, have confidence in us! We are here for you to study any request, to answer any question and give you technical information you need.