Description of your needs

We can take care of the definition of your needs. First, we will present you a sample which will allow you to have a choice between different textiles (fiber, base, treatments).

The choice of the best product

Secondly we enter into the definition of your expectations (thermal, mechanical, acoustic needs…). It usually allows determining quick combination between fiber, type of base and the right finish treatment. We also keep in mind the economical concern in proposing you a technical and economical solution.

Sample sending

Then we start sampling to confirm the retained options. All products are directly coming from the supplier and are delivered with a certificate of conformity. We have been working openness and you can anytime visit the industrial facility.

Test stage

After a test stage, we hope obtaining a qualification and put in place a first production plan.

Follow-up of our customers

Product is qualified, development process is finished. We start the sale administration and we keep on listening your needs and possible optimizations to maintain your competitive advantage.