Polyamide fiber

Polyamide fiber or Nylon is a synthetic fiber that we can find under 2 names: polyamide 6 and polyamide 6-6 .

They have been developing for the transport of industrial liquids (e.g oil). We essentially use polyamide 6-6 fiber in tissues manufacturing.

Polyamide 6-6 fiber confers to tissues below properties:

- Impermeability: Polyamide fiber owns filtering properties thus it is waterproof and airtight.

- Chemical resistance: It stands up to chemical products. You can carry industrial liquids under security.

- Wear out resistance: This fiber is known for its fatigue resistance. Tissues are not abrasive.

- Mechanical resistance: According to its making polyamide fiber is a mechanical resistance material.

- Fire resistance: Its resistance to fire is rather limited however it is possible of using flameproof.

- Thermal resistance: Polyamide fiber owns for a synthetic fiber good thermal properties (melting point: 265 °C).

- Polyamide 6-6 fiber is more expensive than polyamide 6 fiber.

Polyamide fiber that we propose is used in:

  •          Car construction
  •          Industries
  •          Transports…