Polyester fiber

Polyester fiber is a synthetic fiber obtained by chemical process. Polyester fiber has got excellent mechanical and chemical qualities.

It is also known for its fireproof properties. For several years, polyester fiber can be manufactured from recycled plastics.

- UV Resistance: OK.

- Dimensional stability: Polyester fiber is rather stable with a 10 to 17 % of breaking extension.

- Thermal resistance: Polyester fiber hasn’t got good thermal qualities. It melting point is 150°C its efficiency is limited compared to glass and aramide fibers.

- Absorption qualities: Polyester fiber absorbs few humidity.

- Polyester fiber is the most manufactured textile fiber worldwide.

- Polyester fiber is economical compared with other fibers for industrial uses.

In industrial textile, it is used in:

  •          Isolating material fashioning
  •          Packaging
  •          Building
  •          Cloth industry
  •       Car industry