Glass fiber

Glass fiber is a mineral fiber and offers a lot of advantages for specific industrial end uses.

-Tensile strength : at identical mass, glass fiber is twice as much resistant as steel. We have the possibility of orientating glass fiber in a direction for unidirectional fabricss or two directions. It confers to the fabric a good flexibility.

-Electrical insulation : It is one of principal characteristics of glass fiber.

-Thermal insulation : Glass fiber has a good resistance to hot temperatures.Its melting point is 800°C.The continuing exposure to 550°C temperature doesn't raise any concerns.

-Dimensional stability : Glass fiber has a good stability with 3% of breaking extension. Glass fiber knows few extension and shrinkage in normal use conditions.

- Low absorption dampness : As Glass fiber is a mineral fiber, it doesn't absorb humidity.

-UV and chemical products resistance.

-Admission of a finishing treatment : for coating, prepreg, lamination, glue-back.

- Economical task : Glass fiber has a competitive cost regarding to properties that it confers. By the way, it is a good compromise between technical part of specification and economical part of product.

End uses :

  • Bulding and Facilities
  • Transports
  • Eectricity/ Electronique
  • Sport/Leisure
  • Industrial equipments
  • Composite reinforcement…