Aramid fiber

Aramid also called aromatic polyamide is a synthetic fiber. It owns wide thermal and isolating qualities.

- Heat resistance: Aramid fiber owns an excellent thermal stability, as important as glass fiber. Aramid fiber doesn’t fire in a normal oxygen rate and remains not much flammable.

- Thermal insulation: Aramid fiber has a good resistance to hot temperatures (melting point: 500°C).

- Dimensional stability: Aramid fiber is stable with 3.5% of breaking extension. Aramid fiber knows few extensions and shrinkage in normal use conditions. It is between glass and carbon fibers.

- Tensile strength: It has a good resistance to traction but it is hard to cut and machine it. However, it is twice as much resistant as polyester fiber.  

- Electric insulation: Aramid fiber owns excellent dielectric qualities. It is a non conductive material.

- UV and chemical products sensitive.

Aramid fiber is used in:

  •      Air Filtration
  •      Warmth Filtration
  •     Thermal insulation
  •      Electrical insulation
  •      Aeronautics
  •      Water sport
  •      Car industry