Basalt fiber

Basalt fiber is a natural fiber coming from volcanic rock. This rock is composed by cooled down magma and confers to the fiber special qualities. It is lighter and more resistant than glass fiber.

- Thermal resistance: Among industrial textile, Basalt fiber is well known for its good thermal characteristics. It isn’t flammable.

- Mechanical resistance: Basalt fiber has got good mechanical properties. Thus it is more resistant than glass fiber.

- Thermal insulation: Basalt fiber covers a huge temperature range which gives it a real advantage in thermal insulation: -260°C to +1200°C.

- Radiation resistance: Basalt fiber resists to radiations and finds an end use in nuclear insulating.

- Chemical resistance: Basalt fiber stands up to acid and UV.

- Impermeability resistant.

- Economical task: Basalt fiber is three times much expensive than glass fiber.

Basalt fiber is used in:


  •        Fire protection
  •       Car construction
  •        Transports
  •         Building
  •         Nuclear insulation
  •         Composite reinforcement…